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Did you know that according to one of the world’s leading integrated design firms, hospitality design demand is up over 10% for the past two years. While Guest Rooms are getting smaller, Common Rooms are growing both in size and techno- concentric design. More owners are seeking sleek media viewing options, customized sound control features, all-in-one smart-touch controls that provide command options for lighting, air control, guest notice displays, menus and even motorized window shading. Contact us at Ultimate to learn more about how we work with you to design and install the very best in Integrated Smart-Control Systems.

How to Get a Great Deal on Your AV System


Never pay retail!

That's the battle cry of the consumer, right? The golden rule of shopping.

Sy Syms took that sacred commandment one step further. If you don't know that name, he built a once legendary discount clothing dynasty, Syms Department Stores on the tagline, "An educated consumer is our best customer."

Sound advice indeed. And in retail, we know how to educate ourselves when it comes to finding the best stuff and paying the least for it. It's in our DNA. Goes back thousands of years. You can picture the scene at the bazarre somewhere in Bahgdad many moons ago. The internet has only magnified our innate behavior to find the ultimate deal. And what do you do when you find that special something you just have to have?

You haggle for the best deal, of course, right?

But when it comes to shopping for a custom AV system and the right company to design and install it for you, the same rules of retail don't necessarily apply.

Here's why.

In retail, you don't question why that Armani suit costs $5000 and the one at Men's Wearhouse costs $250. The salesman of the latter suit might give you a well worn song and dance about how you're getting very similar quality and tell you you're just paying all that extra money for the Armani name.

But the Armani salesman would simply find your size and help you try it on and ask you to have a look in the mirror. No more words necessary. The suit tells the whole story. The quality of the workmanship speaks for itself. Now maybe you don't want to simply drop your credit card down and pay full boat. You might even find it elsewhere on sale for $3800. But you would never, in your right mind, insult that Armani salesperson and ask him if you could have the suit for $500, would you?

But when it comes to deciding about AV systems and a good company to install it, it becomes much harder to educate yourself about this ever changing world of technology. A world that reinvents itself seemingly weekly. With all the AV gadgets out there and even more information to sift through about them, how are you supposed to make sound, informed decisions about the AV system you're looking forth? We simply don't have that innate price/quality/value chart readily at hand when trying to figure out how to make sense of this vast, mysterious world.

Q: How do you even figure out what you're looking for in an AV system, let alone what you should pay?

A: You find a good AV company who can guide through the myriad technology choices out there and steer you in the right direction to create a system that meets your needs and budget.

So we'll assume that, like the well educated consumer you are, you've already done your diligence and narrowed down your search to a few good AV companies. You've asked trusted friends and associates for referrals, researched them online. Now you begin the selection process by reaching out and setting up meetings to discuss your project.

After asking all the important questions that will help them to define the size and scope of your project so they can provide you an accurate quote, your AV company, if they're worth their salt, will then ask you another important question. What's your budget?


Because it's pointless for them to waste their time writing up a $100K proposal for all the bells and whistles in a top shelf system, if you were only thinking of spending $10K. Now maybe you do have a budget in mind or maybe you're not sure yet. Maybe you have the means to buy whatever you want. Maybe you're on a very tight budget and can only spend X no matter what. Maybe you don't want to disclose that information in the hopes that you can extract the best deal from your AV company.

But what does a good deal even look like?

The quotes come back and the numbers are all over the place right on up to figures that might even shock you. (How could THAT system cost $100K??) But still, you're not quite sure what you're getting for all these different numbers because each company might be quoting different AV equipment. So you go back to your prospects and ask them to clarify the proposal.

After this process, you feel you have a pretty good grasp of what each company is offering. At this point, you've probably started formulating opinions and maybe now you're leaning towards one particular vendor. So you vette them further and now, after multiple interactions you feel comfortable that this company would be a great fit because they really "get you".

Now the dance begins.

That retail autopilot takes over and now you begin the haggling part. You're not even sure what exactly you're haggling for but you do it anyway. It's in your DNA. Never pay retail, right?

You go online with your proposal close at hand and find a bunch of these products and maybe you see lower prices. You ask the AV guy why their pricing is so much higher than online and ask for similar pricing. Then you go deeper and deeper into the smaller bits and pieces of their proposal and keep coming back to them, sighting all these examples you've found of lower pricing. (Isn't the internet great?)

You want them to know that while you really like them a lot and would really love to use them on your project, what are they going to for you do to win your business? Now your AV company knows all too well that this is all part of the sales process. And they're prepared to deal with you (to a point).

At some point in the negotiation, you're going to get push back. They will likely come back to you and explain that you're not just buying a box of parts for the best price you can get. You're buying a system. Like a car. You're buying all their experience and expertise to put all these various parts together so you can just turn the key and off it goes. Just press play.

Now you've certainly heard this concept before and can see some value there but still you want a deal. But there comes a point in the negotiation where maybe there's more room and maybe there's not.

So what happens when you reach that point where it's obvious this company has shown you they're working hard for your business, they've met you part of the way with your price but maybe haven't hit your magic number yet? What's the move?

Do you play the card where you threaten to walk out of the store and go with the next guy who will match your price? Do you really want that outcome? Or do you realize that this AV company, the one you really like the most, can deliver you a premium service that maybe those other guys can't?

Now you have to decide what is driving your decision. 

Is it based purely on price? Or can you see the greater value in a premium service? What price your peace of mind? Knowing you'll be getting exactly what you paid for and save yourself a major headache constantly having to look over the shoulder of the lesser guy with the better price? And that yes, this sometimes comes at a premium.

To bring it full circle back to the suit scenario, we're not just talking about purchasing an AV system at the quality level of the Armani suit and trying to get it at the Men's Wearhouse price.

Think of your choice for a quality AV company the way a celebrity might consider their choice for a wardrobe consultant who's responsible for their total image. The one who creates their vibe that the public will see on a daily basis. That person has a lot of responsibility. They have to put together not only the suit but the shirt, the cuff links, the shoes, the watch, the hairstyle, etc. It all has to work together as a cohesive whole. You also know that they will happily pay a premium for that service. Your AV system works the same way.

So if you find yourself in the position of searching for an AV system and the right company to install it, by all means haggle. Get the best deal you possibly can. It's the American way, after all. But do yourself a favor and understand what that company is doing for you. Know when it's time to stop the negotiations and shake hands.

The headache you save may be your own.

3 Signs That it is Time to Upgrade Your AV System

Is Your Current AV System an Embarrassment? Maybe It's Time for an AV Makeover

Let's face it, relationships are hard.

You fall in love and there's that sugary sweet honeymoon period where everything is just pure bliss. The relationship is all shiny and new. You can simply spend time in the presence of your beloved and all is right with the universe. Oh sure, there are the bumpy beginnings where you have to figure out each other's quirky habits but it's all part of the joy of getting to know one another, right?

It's the same with your AV system.


C'mon, admit it. Somewhere back there you decided to take the plunge and get into the world of home theater and/or smart home technology.

[Love at First Sight]

It might have been as simple as hanging a flat screen TV on the wall back when they first came out. You probably sat there staring at it in amazement without even turning it on wondering, 'How on earth is this thing actually going to work when it's only FOUR INCHES THICK (plus another five inches or so with those original wall mount brackets when 42" TVs weighed in at over 75 pounds) But still...

Then you turned it on and it was like, 'OMG!! This thing actually works and look at that picture!! High definition TV. Holy cow!! The future is here!'

Or maybe you built a whole house system with multiple TV's, speakers in all the various rooms, lighting control and motorized shades and a fancy control system to control all of it from the touch of one button. No more humongous "media armoirs" to hide thoose giant TVs and all that bulky equipment and tangled wiring.

[Getting to Know You]

Oh sure, there may have been those bumps in the road where things didn't quite work when you pushed that button the first time and you needed the AV guy to come back a few times to fix it. Or maybe the technology was a bit overwhelming at first and it took a minute to get used to and figure out how to "drive" this shiny new car that was your new smart home system. But that's to be expected in any relationship, right?

But eventually, you got the kinks worked out and you and your new smart home were getting along just fine. And thank God, considering the possibly substantial investment you made for all those modern conveniences, right?

Controlling the system ultimately became second nature. Like turning on the coffee machine. Your hi tech AV system simply became part of your life and for several years life was pretty good. It all worked just fine. No major hiccups. The occsasional power failure and something got out of whack. But the AV guy was usually there to set you straight if you couldn't figure it out yourself so you could get on with your life.

[When the Honeymoon Ends]

But as the years unfurled, things started getting a bit...well, tired. You wake up one day and realize that the honeymoon has ended. That sexy flat screen TV that was once the hottest thing out there back in the day doesn't look so sexy anymore. The picture doesn't wow you. In fact, it looks a little dull and uncrisp. After seeing all those fancy new razor thin Smart TVs in the newspaper ads or maybe at a friend's house, you look at yours and now it's looking...a little bloated around the edges?

And that really expensive control touch panel in the wall with the clunky graphics looks kind of dated and nowhere near as sexy as your flashy new iPad, which you were told could now control all this stuff and it only costs $399. You keep hearing about all the latest bells and whistles like 3D, 4KTV, Airplay and Smart TVs with their Smart apps and the like. But your stuff doesn't do any of that.

To add insult to injury, you go over to a friend's for dinner and they're changing the music playlist with their iPhone while tossing the salad! How did they do that? And you? Well, you're still staring at that monsterous 400 disc CD changer in the closet you haven't touched in ages.

Hmmm, looks like your "technology of the future" system is looking more and more "past tense". What to do?

[You Don't Have to Throw it All Away]

Well, the first thing to know is if you're thinking about upgrading your AV system, you're on the right path. Oh sure, be prepared to go through the whole anger, denial, acceptance curve when you start running the numbers through your head about how much you spent already when it's only been (fill in the unreasonably short amount of time) years since you made this big investment. And OMG! how much will it cost now for the upgrade!? Go ahead, get it all out. You're only human after all.

But you know what? Hopefully, you got some good years out of your system. Hopefully, you used it often and got some real joy, convenience and entertainment value out of it, not to mention making all those gizmos that would have been cluttering up your home disappear. That should help you work through the curve faster, no?

The good news here is that often times, when considering an upgrade to your existing AV system, many of your existing components can be reused. Like amplifiers, speakers, radio tuners, lighting control dimmers and control keypads, as well as your motorized shades too. Those are workhorse items that, unless you don't like your shade fabrics anymore, or you are just looking for some improved quality with your speakers, you can continue using or even repurpose, while upgrading certain components of the system. And btw, even if you don't like your shade fabrics, you could simply replace the fabric down the road and keep all the motors in place. That was easy :-)

[Consider Some of the Hot New Features for Your Makeover]

So what SHOULD you think about upgrading?

Well, first thing would be those bulky old (and really thick now) TVs. You just can't compete with the sleek new models. Further, the increased image resolution and added Smart app features are just too cool to ignore, especially if someone shows you all that you've been missing. Kind of cool that you can Skype your friends, family and even work associates right from your TV now.

Then you need to think about upgrading some of the front end components. If you have an AV receiver or video matrix switcher switching all your video sources, you'll likely need to upgrade it, depending on when it was purchased, in order to take advantage of the latest HDMI standards, 3D content and even 4K content that's on the way now.

If you have a control system in place like Crestron, AMX or Control 4, it's quite possible that the overall system is still functional but may need an upgrade on the processor (the brain that communicates with all the other AV equipment) so that you can take advantage of things like new graphics and metadata, as well as video and audio communication that you can utilize between the control devices, your equipment and the outside world.

You may want to consider looking into some of the new streaming media players to integrate into your system. Like Apple TV or Roku for movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, etc and audio streaming players like Sonos, Audio Request or Autonomic Mirage, all of which can stream music from your existing digital music library as well as stream all the various internet radio stations and streaming services out there like Pandora, Spotify or Rhapsody, among so many others, all controlled from your iPhone or Droid device.

[Can We Rebuild You? Yes We Can]

The once not so good news was that if you were considering an upgrade, you would have been limited by the type of wires that had been originally run in your home, connecting all the devices. You need certain wire types in place in order to take advantage of these new features. And while that used to signal massive headache when you are informed of this, like the expense of opening walls, running wires and the like, now there's good news.

The AV industry has come around to realize that people simply aren't going to incur the expense of ripping open their walls to run new wire and then all the patching and repainting that goes along with it. So they had to come up with solutions to make all this modern technology work with most typical existing wiring scenarios.

And while the dream of wireless everything hasn't quite arrived yet, the technology has come far enough that there are some really cool wireless solutions that could allow you in many instances to implement that upgrade even if you don't have the right wires in place. Pretty cool, right?

The best way to consider if it's time for an AV makeover is to speak with a qualified AV company that can assess your current situation and see what you have, where you are now with your needs and where you want to go. They can show you all the options available today and give you a sense of the expense it will cost you to implement an upgrade.

In this way, together you can come up with an upgrade path for your system that provides you all the great new features you're looking for while staying within your budget.

At Ultimate Sound & Installations, we've been helping our customers keep up with the latest and greatest AV technology for more than 29 years. And today there are so many cool and exciting new features to talk about in AV that only a few years ago, we would have thought impossible. So give us a call.

Have we got a makeover for you!

The Future is Home Networking. Are You Ready?

Home Networking.png


Remember that famous quote from the movie, The Graduate?

"I have one word for you...plastics."

It was meant as sage advice from the seasoned business veteran to young Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) about his future and what he needed to know in order to take advantage of it.

OK. So now we have one word for you...networks.

Actually, it's two words: home networks.

Now why should you care?

Because if you're still dealing with your store bought $100 Linksys router and thinking you're all set at home with your network needs in today's technology environment, then you're going to have a problem.

Here's why.

"Smart Home" technology was once the sole playground for the fabulously rich to spend their inexhaustible discretionary funds on lavish tech gadgets. Now it's basically an expectation for all.

Today you can go to the office without ever leaving your kitchen table. You can video conference with your team half way around the world from your iPad. You can pick up your phone, push a button and play music in every room in the house (from a radio station in France!) And you can hand that phone to your child, who's home sick from school, so they can watch videos on Netflix to keep them quiet while you're on that video conference call over at the kitchen table.

But here's the problem.

Maybe you need to share that important file RIGHT NOW with your video call. But it's…just not…sending...Why?! Oh, that's right, little Max is streaming Curious George right now and devouring all your bandwidth.

Now imagine in that same scenario, you're a day trader instead and need to make a split second transaction...Oh well, sorry.

Or you've got to take that online exam in five minutes. But instead you get that dreaded "not connected to the internet" message or that obnoxious but colorful spinning ball trying in vain to connect you. Maybe you're out of range? Arrrrgghhh!!! #fail

Your home is now a veritable infotainment nerve center.

It’s filled with a host of internet connected devices that must be in constant communication with one another. Maybe you also have a smart home control system with its own set of processors and devices that are also communicating non-stop to keep those systems running efficiently.

And you’re probably not aware of any of this, are you? You just want things to work, right?

In a typical modern family environment, you might have multiple users all needing access to your network at the same time, each with different network needs. You may need secure access to connect with your company servers to do your work. Your kids need lots of speed and bandwidth to stream that hot new HD movie without it pausing every other minute. You may need separate network channels (VLANs) to separate out that high traffic volume of data so that when the kids are streaming movies, you're on a video conference call and your spouse is day trading, your network doesn't get bogged down and fail you when you need it most.

You need proper wireless coverage throughout your home so that wherever you end up, including the patio or the roof deck, you're always connected when you need to be (but not your neighbors!) Your basic off-the-shelf wireless access points work much like a light bulb where signal is strongest closest to the device and then radiates outward concentrically. This often leaves you with dead spots in multiple places, where you get either weak or no signal at all. Better quality wireless access points can create a seamless wireless network throughout your home, where you never drop a call or get a frozen movie again.

The bottom line here. 

 If you don't have a properly configured network installed in your home, you're going to experience all kinds of issues like latency, poor wireless coverage, dropped signals, and even vulnerability to unsecured access from outsiders within range, all of which are unacceptable in today's tech savvy "got to have it right now" world.

By soliciting the expertise of a qualified network professional, they will listen to your needs and create the right solution for you. They’ll ask you important technology questions you might not even be aware you needed to know. From your feedback, they'll make sure all your network technology needs are met, not only for today but also tomorrow. They'll future proof your network design so that you don't have to worry about replacing everything in a couple years when everything changes again (and it WILL).

Here at Ultimate Sound & Installations, AV systems integration is our world. It's a world where almost every single device we deploy in our system design is already or quickly becoming a network device. That includes TVs, DVD players, streaming media players and so on. So we have to be experts on network design in order to do our job well.

Give us a call and let us guide you with all your network needs.

Whether for entertainment, education or business, we'll make sure all that technology in your home keeps running like clockwork.

In case you were still wondering, The Jetsons have arrived.

Are you ready?


4K TV - A Revolution in Your TV Watching Experience

4K TV in comparison to what else is out there.

4K TV in comparison to what else is out there.

What is 4K TV?

Have you heard about the latest, greatest, newest, coolest NEXT BIG THING in Home Entertainment?

Well, here it is...the new...(drum roll please) 4K UHD TV!!!!(echo, echo, studio applause)

Isn't it great?!!...I said, Isn't it GREAT??? (echo, echo, cue crickets)

OK, so I can see you may need some background first so you'll understand just why you need to start getting excited here.

Just the Facts Please

4K TV refers to the new HDTV standard called UHD (Ultra High Definition) with a minimum screen resolution of 3,840 pixels wide x 2,160 pixels high or TWICE the current HDTV standard of 1,920 pixels x 1,080 pixels.

So how did they arrive at that name, you ask? Well, since 3,840 wasn't exactly a sexy number for the marketing department to build a campaign around, they decided to call it "4K". Officially, Sony announced they would call the standard, "4K Ultra High Definition."

So now you have 4 standards of resolution in home TV viewing. Standard definition (480p/540p where "p" refers to progressive scan lines), high definition (720p), full high definition (1080i/1080p where "i" refers to interlaced lines), and now ultra high definition (2160p).

What Can 4K Do for You?

Let's say you're a major sports junkie. You probably still have vivid memories of how HDTV totally changed your life when that new standard hit the market and you saw your first football game in HD, right? There was a huge leap in picture quality from what you remember "back in the day". For the first time, you felt as if you were really standing on the field watching the game right there with the players because the image was so crystal clear.

Well, now (theoretically*) with 4K UHD running at twice that HD resolution, when they do that replay of the big game winning Hail Mary pass and show that glorious spiraling football sailing across the stadium in slow motion? You'll now be able to see the beads of sweat flying off the laces and the wear on the "R" of the Rawlings logo too. Impressive, huh?

*We say theoretically because the truth is there aren't too many sources yet putting out native 4K content that can even bring you that theoretical football game.

How important are those beads of sweat to you? And does that bump in quality justify the additional price of at least $1K extra for a non-Chinese 4K UHD vs non-4K and between $5K and $10K for the larger size TVs? Well, that depends on your level of video fanaticism.

Ask your wife if the price difference between VVS2 and Flawless is justifiable in your choice of diamond quality and you'll surely get an opinion.

But there are other benefits too.

Promotes Intimacy While Maintaining Creative Independence

With 4K, now couples CAN have their cake and eat it too. That's right, now you and your significant other don't have to part ways and head off to different rooms on Friday night to watch your separate favorite show/movies at the same time.

There's a new dual monitor feature that comes with 4K UHD and the new HDMI 2.0 standard. Now this is pretty cool, we have to admit. The feature was originally created by the gaming industry, where two players could have two different viewing experiences watching the same screen, using special glasses.

Now she can be viewing HGTV while he's watching ESPN on the SAME screen. That's right. Spend more time together without sacrificing your personal freedom of choice. Pretty cool, right?

Now is this a likely scenario in your home? Possibly. Possibly not. Truth is you'll actually be able to do this AFTER they release the new HDMI 2.0 standard. Currently, HDMI does support the new 4K standard but only at 30fps, not the 60 frames you'll need to see this feature.

Is 4K Right For You?

That depends.

If you were one of those people who hung out all night in the (snow/rain/sleet/freezing cold/burning heat) to get the very first iPhone 5 or you bought that first 42" Fujitsu plasma TV when it first came out back around Y2K for a cool $25K, then yes, you NEED to get 4K UHD TV NOW. Because it is the latest and greatest and you simply can't not be the first one on the block to have one and impress your friends.

Yes, you WILL see a noticeable improvement in picture quality and it is quite impressive. But that improvement only becomes obvious when viewing the larger TVs (as in 55" and above) at typical home viewing distances.

But then you may get frustrated after your initial buzz wears off after getting it home because you might not find too much native 4K content right now to sink your teeth into. Just as there were only 4 HD channels available when HDTV first came out, once again the technology leads the content providers.

Not sure which way to go yet on 4K?

Give us a call at Ultimate Sound & Installations. We'll help guide you and figure out together if this is the right time to jump into 4K. And we won't sugarcoat it either. We'll give you the facts and tell it to you straight.

After more than 28 years in business, we've seen all the NEXT BIG THINGS that ever came out in this business. With that kind of experience, we have a pretty good idea which ones will sink and which will swim.

In these murky waters of new technology, we'll help you avoid swimming with the sharks.

Entertainment at Home with New Technology

How can technology now make it easier to entertain yourself in your own living room? When you need a break from your computer or surfing the web, you can benefit from having something fun like whole house audio.  Imagine being able to listen to music, an audio book or the sound from a movie while walking from room to room in your house getting things done.  You can entertain yourself while performing chores or different tasks.  This type of technology can also make it more enjoyable to have a party and play music throughout the house as people are talking or dancing in different rooms.  With this type of audio it is useful to have whole house automation which makes it easy to control your entertainment system from anywhere because it will all be remotely connected to one location.  You can even use your phone or tablet as a way of controlling your entertainment equipment from anywhere in the house. 

The idea behind having automated appliances in your home is simply to make things more convenient when you are doing small chores around the house or attempting to set up your home theatre or various appliances.  With a system set up like Crestron Automation, you will have the opportunity to free up some of your time and not have to deal with the annoyances of daily routines.  Your automatic system can control anything you want from your lights to your security system and any appliances that you feel could be easier to access remotely.  Find a company that can help you set up this type of system and you will see how much you can benefit from the technology that exists for a better home.

How to Get Your Ideal Home Theatre

When you think about a night spent at home with family or friends, does it seem fun and relaxing or dull because you lack the proper equipment for a great entertainment center?  Watching a movie in the theatre is a very entertaining experience because there is a powerful sound system and a large screen to truly draw you into the story.  It might not seem so fun at home if you do not have the best home theatre system and you find you have difficulty understanding the dialogue because of poor audio.  These types of problems can really take you out of the exciting experience of watching a movie.  That is why many people look for wireless home theatre speakers that offer a great sound quality and can make all the dialogue perfectly clear and enhance the other types of audio as well.   When you find yourself feeling the difference in audio quality from better speakers you will relax and enjoy the best home theatre experience you have ever had.

Sometimes there are other positive aspects to getting a new home theatre system aside from only enjoying better audio and visual quality.  An entertainment system company that is up to date with new kinds of technology can provide you with ways to make your experience at home more convenient as well as you attempt to set up your movie nights.  Imagine being able to use smart home technology as a way to improve your experience by making things more convenient and streamlined instead of having a number of different control systems.  Having everything centrally controlled will make it easier to get started and enjoy your experience quickly when you are ready.

How Smart Technology Could Change Your Home

Most people are now familiar with the term “smart technology” and probably have had some experience using this type of system either with their phone or their television set. Anyone that has used smart technology knows how helpful it can be to simply make tasks easier and put everything right at your fingertips.   Now imagine what other possibilities there are available for using this type of system in other places.  When you are at home and need to get a lot done you can think about whether smart home technology might be the right choice for you.  Would you like to have the chance to remotely control everything in your home from lights to security system to almost any appliance?  With home automation systems it can be easy to perform the type of functional tasks that used to be nuisance and waste time.  Now you can finish all your chores quickly and move on to the things that are more important to you.

Anyone who wants to have a great home to live in will need some of the features of new technology to make it more efficient.  Why not take advantage of the type of technology that we use every day in order to make your home a better and more interesting place to live?  You can improve your entertainment system with new technology like wireless home theater speakers which will make it easier for you to set up your theatre in a way that is appealing to you.  Your living room will hold the power to entertain you and your family and friends on nights when you don’t need to go out and simply want to have the best time possible in your technologically savvy home.

Technology For A Better Home Today

There are a lot of ways to improve the way you run things around your home that might not have even thought of or heard about because they are a new type of technological advance.  Many people have smart TVs or smart phones but did you know that you can use this type of smart technology for many things around the house?  You can installhome automation systems which will change the set-up of your home to be much more convenient and easy to use so that you can save time on your daily routine.   After a long day at work all you want to do is relax and not have to worry about mundane things to take care of.  That’s when smart home systems are the most useful.  They can keep track of things around the house and automatically resolve problems that would otherwise need your constant attention.  Having a smart home will change your life in ways that you never expected.  You can begin to relax more and focus on the things that matter more to you than just simple tasks to be performed around the house.

What can you use smart technology for in your own home?  Any type of appliance that you have can be connected to your smart home system in a central location.  With tools like wireless home automation you will have a chance to remotely control all your electronics such as your entertainment system, your security, lights, kitchen appliances and anything else you can think of that can be connected to your system.  This type of automation is a way to save time, make things more convenient and utilize technology in ways that seem like common sense.

Home Theatre Systems for Better Entertainment

Have you ever felt that your experience of watching movies and television shows at home is less than ideal?  Maybe you are not happy with your sound system or how complicated it is to use a number of different remotes for your different devices like your blu ray player and your smart TV.  It can be a good idea to look into audio visual companies to give you some assistance in finding the right kind of home theater setup that will allow you to feel satisfied with your entertainment experience at home.  When you have the perfect entertainment system your nights at home can be fun and interesting either to relax after work or socialize with your friends.  Your home movie theatre design can play a big role in everyone’s enjoyment as they experience a greataudio visual system that improves the look and sound of the movie.

Aside from the quality of sound in a home entertainment system, sometimes the most important thing is making it easier and more convenient for people to use.  Many audio visual companies offer options for iphone home automation to make everything easier to use.  If you are tired of switching between 3 or 4 different remotes in order to set up your smart TV or your DVD player then you can create a system that connects everything to your iphone.  You can set up your movies and television shows more quickly and get started on your night of entertainment.  You will always be able to connect your systems from the convenience of your own phone.

Smart Home Systems Work Anywhere

A smart home system can now be integrated into any home, business or commercial environment. If you’re thinking of getting one for your home, know that smart home systemscan be custom designed to suit your needs and the unique space of your home. The system will allow you to have full control over every function in your house, ranging from lighting to audio to your sprinkler system. You’re in total control of what you want and how you want it to work. Home automation systems can be easily controlled through a single remote or other handheld device that you probably already own. Let technology do the work for you. You will never feel confused about your new system because our technicians are dedicated to service and making sure you feel confident handling the controls. Our job doesn’t end once installation is completed, we are always available if issues arise or you just have a simple question. That’s why so many of our clients keep coming back. We stay on top of the latest in home technology and in contact with all our customers.

Whole house automation is becoming increasingly popular among our customers because it simplifies technology rather than overwhelming you with it. As our modern lives become more fast paced than ever, it’s important to look for ways to simplify our tasks and save time. A smart home system does just that and more.

Home Movie Theatre Design Is Now Possible For Anyone

You’ve always wanted an impressive entertainment system in your home, the kind that is the envy of your friends and makes everyone want to come over for a party on Super Bowl Sunday. It seems like only wealthy people and celebrities are the kind of people who can afford such a thing. But times have changed and technology has advanced to the point where these sorts of things are available to everyone. Our company specializes in home movie theatre design for regular people like you. Our technicians are specially trained to find what best fits into your home and into your budget without skimping on any of the features you want the most. 

You can now get the best home theatre system for your needs. It’s easy and we want to help you achieve that goal. You can add features to your new system anytime you want, even months or years after the initial installation. Once you purchase a system through our company, we’re there to assist you with any issues for as long as you own it. We specially choose our technicians for their knowledge of the field, professionalism and friendliness with customers. So if you decide later on down the road that you’d also like a home automation system or wireless home theatre speakers, it’s easy to schedule an appointment with us quickly over the phone. 

Don’t hesitate to call us and make your fantasies about having the best home entertainment a reality. We can work with you to make it happen in your home, with your budget and unique needs. That’s what we mean when we say home entertainment is now available to anyone. You’ll see it’s true when you’re finally relaxing in front of your new system.

What’s New With Smart Home Technology?

More and more homeowners are turning to smart home technology to simplify their lives and put them in the driver’s seat when it comes to taking care of their homes. If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably aware of how much time and effort is spent on maintaining it. Double that if you have a busy career and family life too. That’s when a smart home can really be a big help.

A good home technology company will help you analyze what’s most important to you on a daily basis and will make sure the new home system you choose works best for your unique needs. Everything that needs maintenance on a daily basis can now be controlled in a fraction of the time through a single remote or handheld device you already own, like an iPhone or iPad. Even your home theatre and whole house audio system is controllable at the touch of a button or swipe on your iPad. It’s simple enough for anyone in your family to use. Even businesses and commercial properties are starting to use these systems to save time and ensure efficiency.

Find out more by contacting a local home technology with a good track record and lots of experience in the field. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of technology wise can now come true. So if you’ve always wanted total control over your household or a home theatre with whole house audio, it can all be made possible.

Wireless Home Automation: Explore The Possibilities

What better way is there to keep your home organized and under control than to install a home automation system? More and more homeowners are getting this feature installed in their homes because they want a more efficient way to simplify and stay on top of managing their homes. Wireless home automation can be used to manage a wide variety of functions ranging from sprinkler systems to lighting to even automated pet feeders. The best part is that now home automation can be controlled through a single handheld device that you probably already own, such as an iPhone or iPad.

Iphone home automation is becoming increasingly popular precisely because there is no additional equipment or remote required. People love this feature because it simplifies the technology inside their home rather than complicating things even more. We normally associate added technology with more confusion and time wasted on controlling all the new features. Home automation is great because it actually makes things easier and is simple enough for anyone to use. Our lives are becoming increasingly fast faced, so anything that saves time and makes our daily tasks more efficient is a highly valuable tool. Home automation can work for almost anyone and there are several different options for how you want to have control, including iPad automation and Crestron automation. Check with a local home technology company to see what they offer.

What The Best Home Theatre System Can Do For You

You’ve got the home of your dreams, now it’s time to get the home theatre system of your dreams too. There’s nothing better than getting home after a long day of hard work and being able to relax with your family and your favorite movie or TV show. The best home theatre system will bring all the components of a real movie theatre into the comfort of your home, without overwhelming you or your family. There are so many options out there nowadays, that you can have a system custom designed to fit into your space. So whether you want something to show off or a simpler design that blends in with your home décor, it’s perfectly possible.Custom home theatre design combines the latest in home entertainment technology with endless design possibilities.

Once your new system is installed, you are always able to add or remove components if you change your mind. Wireless home theatre speakers, surround sound and other features can be easily added in a snap. Just get in contact with the home audio company you worked with and they’ll be happy to help. 

Now Anyone Can Have The Best Home Theatre System

It’s true. A home theatre system is simple enough to install and can be affordable enough for almost anyone to enjoy. If you’ve dreamed of having one, now may be the best time. The best home theatre system will be custom designed to suit your home, so no matter what kind of look you desire, from modern and dramatic to minimal, it’s all perfectly possible. We can go as big or small as you’d like, it’s entirely in your hands.

You’re free to add or take away features as you please because a good home technology company like us will continue to work with you even after the installation is completed. So if you suddenly want wireless home theatre speakers or even smart home technology to put you in control of your new theatre system, a technician can help you make the right choice and quickly return for another installation.

We believe technology should always put you in control of your life, that’s why we are committed to educating our customers to ensure the maximum enjoyment of their new systems. Our technicians love what they do and are always available to answer questions or schedule another in home consultation. That’s why customers rave about our services and keep coming back for more. It doesn’t hurt to schedule a free consultation to see how a home theatre or other home system might work for you.

Home Movie Theatre Design For Every Home

If you’re a homeowner chances are you’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting your home to be a safe, comfortable haven for you and your family to enjoy. After all that work, it’s natural for you to want to relax and enjoy the household you’ve build up. This is the perfect moment for you to consider adding extra features that you’ve always thought about having, like a customhome movie theatre design or one of those home automation systems. Adding these features to your home not only brings enjoyment to you, but also increases the value of your property. 

Think about enjoying your favorite movie or sports event at home with whole house audio and in crisp HD picture quality. Your friends and family will be begging to come over every time the Super Bowl or any other special event rolls around. If you get a kick out of being the envy of your peers, then this is exactly what you need. 

Home automation is really useful too in that it makes controlling all the new features of your home simpler and more time efficient. You can set sprinklers outdoors and adjust volume level indoors, all with a couple of swipes on your iPhone or iPad. You carry those devices around with you anyway, so why not maximize their potential? Home automation can make all your tech dreams come true. You deserve it. Contact a company that specializes in these services today to find out what’s the right fit for your home and budget. There are really no limitations to what home technology can do for you.

Custom Home Theatre Design For The Family Home

Today it’s more important than ever to set aside time for the whole family to spend together. Modern living has made life more fast paced than ever, so that parents and kids are spending more and more time apart. You may think that adding more technology to your home would negatively impact the quality of family time. It’s a common misconception but the truth is really quite the opposite. If used mindfully and carefully, technology can help bring families closer together, especially in the home.

You and your kids love to relax at home, so why not consider getting custom home theatre design? It can make relaxing and entertainment more of a priority and create something that you and your family can look forward to night after night. We specialize in home theatre designs and can maximize the space available in your home to contain all the features you desire. It’s easy to add extra features such as wireless home theatre speakers and surround sound to your design too. You never have to worry about getting stuck with a set up you don’t like or that has become outdated because it’s easy to continue updating the design once installation is completed. Our technicians are always available to pay a return visit to your home.

Another great option for improving family life is home automation. This feature streamlines all the functions of a household into one simple to operate device. Chances are you already own a device that can be used for home automation. Iphone home automation is one of our most popular options because so many clients already own or are familiar with using an iPhone. Try one or both of these features in your home today and see what kind of changes it brings to your family. You won’t be disappointed.

How Smart Home Systems Do The Work For You

We all dream about having a high tech home complete with a professional quality entertainment system, and one of those smart home systems too. In the past, these features were considered a luxury and reserved only for that small fraction of the population who could afford it.

Times have changed and technology has advanced to the point where almost anyone can enjoy these features in their home. There are so many options available that can be tailor made to suit your unique home and budget. Get in touch with a local company that offers these features and ask about getting a free consultation. You can then find out what is available for your home and budget, and whether or not you want the services of that company.

Smart home technology is really amazing in that it takes all the functions of your home, including newer features such as an entertainment system or sound systems installations, and streamlines them all into one handheld device. This literally puts the control of your home into the palm of your hand. You can see how this can be pretty useful. Modern living is more hectic than ever and managing a household along with a family, career, and other responsibilities can be overwhelming. Smart home technology takes on some of the work for you, so you can have more time to spend on important things. Take advantage of the technology that’s out there and soon you won’t be able to imagine your life without it. It’s that amazing.

The Best Choice For Home Automation Systems

You’ve finally made the big decision to install a home automation system, not it’s time to choose the company that will give you the best service and the most for your money.

Why We’re The Best 

Our technicians are specially trained to provide friendly, knowledgeable service to customers. You may not be the most tech savvy person and our technicians know that. During your free consultation, you’ll be provided with information about what smart home systems do for a busy household and how other features, such as home entertainment systems, are available too. We also offer the best home theatre system for average households too.

 Our employees live and breathe technology and are also eager to share their knowledge with customers. During your consultation, you have all your questions and concerns addressed. We have many options available and can design a system perfect for your home and budget. There are really no limitations to what we can do for you in the fields of home automation systemsand home entertainment.

 The best part of our service is that after installation is completed, you are always welcome to contact us with any concerns or issues. We’re always happy to send a technician to assist you with your new system. If you ever want to add or remove any features, it’s also as easy as making a call and scheduling an appointment with one of our experts. 

Let home automation make your easier and more simple. It’s technology that simplifies your life rather than adding on more responsibilities. Once you experience its potential in your home, you will never want to go back. It’s that amazing. Everything under one roof is can now be controlled in the palm of your own hand.