Do you know your Q-LEDS from your O-LEDS?

Designing great home-entertainment systems should include a review of the latest TV technology. For this reason, many New York Architects & Designers turn to Ultimate's Design Team to help sought out which system works the best. Selection of TV's can make or break a fine home entertainment set-up. For instance, if setup is in a brighter room with many windows you should consider a QLED TV. The Q stands for (Quantum Dot Filter) and it is essentially a thin screen placed between the LED back-light and the LCD screen for more vivid color display. Additionally, with QLED there's little chance of burn in (that annoying permanent glow appearing after a long period of usage). However, if your a gamer or watch a lot of sports, an OLED TV (organic light-emitting diode) may be a better choice . The difference is that the pixels emit their own light and offer superior image quality and contrast control. Remember to check with Ultimate's Design Team before deciding which system setup is best for your home or apartment.