The Future is Home Networking. Are You Ready?

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Remember that famous quote from the movie, The Graduate?

"I have one word for you...plastics."

It was meant as sage advice from the seasoned business veteran to young Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) about his future and what he needed to know in order to take advantage of it.

OK. So now we have one word for you...networks.

Actually, it's two words: home networks.

Now why should you care?

Because if you're still dealing with your store bought $100 Linksys router and thinking you're all set at home with your network needs in today's technology environment, then you're going to have a problem.

Here's why.

"Smart Home" technology was once the sole playground for the fabulously rich to spend their inexhaustible discretionary funds on lavish tech gadgets. Now it's basically an expectation for all.

Today you can go to the office without ever leaving your kitchen table. You can video conference with your team half way around the world from your iPad. You can pick up your phone, push a button and play music in every room in the house (from a radio station in France!) And you can hand that phone to your child, who's home sick from school, so they can watch videos on Netflix to keep them quiet while you're on that video conference call over at the kitchen table.

But here's the problem.

Maybe you need to share that important file RIGHT NOW with your video call. But it's…just not…sending...Why?! Oh, that's right, little Max is streaming Curious George right now and devouring all your bandwidth.

Now imagine in that same scenario, you're a day trader instead and need to make a split second transaction...Oh well, sorry.

Or you've got to take that online exam in five minutes. But instead you get that dreaded "not connected to the internet" message or that obnoxious but colorful spinning ball trying in vain to connect you. Maybe you're out of range? Arrrrgghhh!!! #fail

Your home is now a veritable infotainment nerve center.

It’s filled with a host of internet connected devices that must be in constant communication with one another. Maybe you also have a smart home control system with its own set of processors and devices that are also communicating non-stop to keep those systems running efficiently.

And you’re probably not aware of any of this, are you? You just want things to work, right?

In a typical modern family environment, you might have multiple users all needing access to your network at the same time, each with different network needs. You may need secure access to connect with your company servers to do your work. Your kids need lots of speed and bandwidth to stream that hot new HD movie without it pausing every other minute. You may need separate network channels (VLANs) to separate out that high traffic volume of data so that when the kids are streaming movies, you're on a video conference call and your spouse is day trading, your network doesn't get bogged down and fail you when you need it most.

You need proper wireless coverage throughout your home so that wherever you end up, including the patio or the roof deck, you're always connected when you need to be (but not your neighbors!) Your basic off-the-shelf wireless access points work much like a light bulb where signal is strongest closest to the device and then radiates outward concentrically. This often leaves you with dead spots in multiple places, where you get either weak or no signal at all. Better quality wireless access points can create a seamless wireless network throughout your home, where you never drop a call or get a frozen movie again.

The bottom line here. 

 If you don't have a properly configured network installed in your home, you're going to experience all kinds of issues like latency, poor wireless coverage, dropped signals, and even vulnerability to unsecured access from outsiders within range, all of which are unacceptable in today's tech savvy "got to have it right now" world.

By soliciting the expertise of a qualified network professional, they will listen to your needs and create the right solution for you. They’ll ask you important technology questions you might not even be aware you needed to know. From your feedback, they'll make sure all your network technology needs are met, not only for today but also tomorrow. They'll future proof your network design so that you don't have to worry about replacing everything in a couple years when everything changes again (and it WILL).

Here at Ultimate Sound & Installations, AV systems integration is our world. It's a world where almost every single device we deploy in our system design is already or quickly becoming a network device. That includes TVs, DVD players, streaming media players and so on. So we have to be experts on network design in order to do our job well.

Give us a call and let us guide you with all your network needs.

Whether for entertainment, education or business, we'll make sure all that technology in your home keeps running like clockwork.

In case you were still wondering, The Jetsons have arrived.

Are you ready?