Advanced smart home systems

Advanced smart home systems

This month's issue covers home & office system upgrades. Sole controllers & voice activated smart systems are becoming standards in new and updated home plans. By now, almost all Architects, Builders, Interior Designers are familiar with some form of Smart Home Technology. As with all technology, Smart Home Systems are expanding exponentially. In addition to tablets and wall display pads, new integrated one-voice command can activate your system to close every window and lock all of the doors, dim lights, roll-down shades, turn on movies & music and, activate kitchen and bath functions. If your into a new project that requires professional systems integration planning, USI provides design, installation, support and complimentary project assessments.

Enhanced video conferencing systems

Not all office video conference systems are alike. Here are some options to consider when your planning conference room design. Video conferencing allows two or more locations that are outfitted with web-cams to conduct interactive meetings. Remember, in video conferencing it's all about bandwidth so be sure to be generous. Video can be displayed via projector on a motorized drop down screen or a high-end LCD/UHD TV. Consider console build-ins for your large conference table. This allows up to 4 computers to control and share the screen. On a smaller scale, use a UltraHD 4K huddle room camera that is hooked up to a display unit resulting in a more intimate setting. Need some help? USI services the entire TriState Area. Email us your questions or setup an appointment for consultation anytime:

Enhanced video conferencing systems

Relax in your own home theater

Relax in your own home theater

Make the Myth Real. Today's audio/video technology provides great options at every price point. For high end designs select projection units with customized wall screens that can either motor up/down or are concealed with artwork. For a more moderate budget, select the best value in surround sound & HD screen options. We can lay out all of the options, customize your package and provide expert installation.

Home Entertainment Solutions

We can help with premiere luxury home theater planning and installation. theater planning and installation. Additionally, if your remodeling or updating Additionally, if your remodeling or updating your home check with us for the latest in your home check with us for the latest in wireless central system controllers for the wireless central system controllers for the entire house. We offer free consultation, entire house. We offer free consultation, on-site planning, custom installation, service on-site planning, custom installation, service and support. Visit our blog for great tips and and support.

Office/Public spaces connectivity

We can integrate seamless flip up systems, wireless presentation systems, distributed audio/video functionality, scheduling meeting rooms, shade movement, temperature control and other critical building systems directly from one central controller. If your remodeling an existing space, we may be able to use existing wiring to achieve your whole-office automation plan.

Understanding integration & control

This month's issue focuses on functionality This month's issue focuses on functionality and connectivity of home and office building and connectivity of home and office building systems. systems. 

More Architects and Designers are turning to More Architects and Designers are turning to experts to provide whole home systems experts to provide whole home systems integration. Faced with a multitude of integration. Faced with a multitude of connectivity and central controller options connectivity and central controller options they realize careful planning for Audio/Video, they realize careful planning for Audio/Video, Lighting, Access Control, HVAC, Motorized Lighting, Access Control, HVAC, Motorized Shades and other automated building Shades and other automated building functions require experienced installers. functions require experienced installers.

Whether new construction or a re-model, Whether new construction or a re-model, selecting and connecting building functions is selecting and connecting building functions is critical to a successful project. Serving the critical to a successful project. Serving the Tri-State area for over 30 years, Ultimate Tri-State area for over 30 years, Ultimate Sound & Installations, provides free Sound & Installations, provides free consultation, design assistance, installation consultation, design assistance, installation and service. To learn more, visit and service.

Innovative "Technorating" Solutions


Blending high performance entertainment systems into a professionally decorated interior space is always a challenge. There are several rolling or cover art solutions that can be installed. First, a customized motorized lift that is remotely managed by a central controller system. If lift space is a concern, you can frame out the television unit and install scroll artwork. When activated, the canvas scrolls up to reveal the television unit. For a free estimate on installation and service contact us at:

Architects & Designers Ideas On Customized Home Theater Solutions

Soon summer will be behind us & we will usher in another beautiful fall season. Chances are, if your clients are planning for a media room or home theater, you had that obligatory "talk" how much is this really going to cost? Be sure to remember to compile a full list of audio/video equipment necessary for a quality installation. Select the Best: Projectors, Screens/Display Unit Acoustics Treatment, Multi-Channel Amplifier, Channel Speakers, SubWoofers and Surround-Sound Speakers. Whew! that's a lot to remember. If you need help, simply contact us us to schedule your free consultation.

New York Architects Embrace Smart-Home Systems For Upper West Side Development

New York Architects Embrace Smart-Home Systems For Upper West Side Development

In this month's issue we highlight several exciting professional audio/video & building automation solutions. First off, new high-end smart-home installations can be found in New York based RKTB Architect's latest designed apartment building known as The Dahlia. Located on West 95th Street, this upscale tower contains 38 residences that are outfitted with top of the line appliances & amenities; including, Crestron's Home Automation System that manages residents' Lighting, HVAC & Motorized Shades. Once considered an extravagance only for the wealthiest of clients, smart-home automation is making it's way onto the boards of the most successful new construction designs. If you like to learn more on cost-effective smart-home technology contact

Sharp Releases a Limited Edition 120'' HDR Display Unit

We are excited to introduce to our clients the state-of-the-art SHARP PN-H120 DISPLAY SYSTEM. This stunning display unit is designed for 24/7 operation and is perfect for board rooms - global videoconferencing stations - education - hospitality - & high-end home theaters. Pictured right, The Rockefeller University in New York City recently installed 3 Units in their new Lecture Hall Rooms for worldwide learning sessions. Interested in learning more contact Jack Borenstein at for information on ordering, installation and support.

Do you know your Q-LEDS from your O-LEDS?

Designing great home-entertainment systems should include a review of the latest TV technology. For this reason, many New York Architects & Designers turn to Ultimate's Design Team to help sought out which system works the best. Selection of TV's can make or break a fine home entertainment set-up. For instance, if setup is in a brighter room with many windows you should consider a QLED TV. The Q stands for (Quantum Dot Filter) and it is essentially a thin screen placed between the LED back-light and the LCD screen for more vivid color display. Additionally, with QLED there's little chance of burn in (that annoying permanent glow appearing after a long period of usage). However, if your a gamer or watch a lot of sports, an OLED TV (organic light-emitting diode) may be a better choice . The difference is that the pixels emit their own light and offer superior image quality and contrast control. Remember to check with Ultimate's Design Team before deciding which system setup is best for your home or apartment.

Creating client solutions for home comfort

This month's issue is highlights options for easy & cost effective residential and commercial central smart controller systems. Compliment your impressive designs with touch or voice activated home function management systems. Lighting, temperature, audio, home theater, shade motors, cameras, video conferencing & yes even pet-feeding dispensers can now all be activated by wall pads, portable tablets or your smartphone. A wide range of scaleable universal controller options are available so it's important to partner with an experienced certified installer. Shoot us an email with design questions, manufacturer options, specs, hub locations, connectivity, power requirements and recommended designs. At Ultimate, we are here to help.

Creating client solutions for home comfort

Commercial connections

Commercial connections

Discrete control is important for office settings. Select intelligent workplace solutions that are designed to increase workflow and productivity. Whether it's wireless presentation systems, distributed audio/video or scheduling room access, you can provide your clients with a scaleable, whole-office solution. Most of our clients implement a centrally monitored system that manages technology on one reliable platform. There are several configurations available. Contact our commercial designers for your free consultation.

Homeowners want quality media solutions

Homeowners want quality media solutions

Whether your clients are considering a premium home theater installation or a moderate family room entertainment system, Ultimate provides design services, installation and on-going support. Here are a few tips for your clients to consider when selecting a home-theater arrangement:

  • Select Surround Sound! There's nothing like the amazing experience of surround sound in your home. For maximum enjoyment, make sure your speaker set-up is done by a professional.

  • Lights-Camera-Action! Be sure the lighting is perfect. A good way to achieve this is smart lighting controllers that can work on your tablet or smartphone. Nothing worse than having to get up & adjust the lights in the middle of the film.

  • Take your Seats! Did you know that some seating fabrics absorb sound? Check with Ultimate for the best seating options that allow sound-waves to freely travel to the intended destinations while at the same time providing you with luxurious comfort.

Smart design help

Let us show you how to easy it is to control any of your home or office smart systems. With seamless installation of display pads and discreet placement of central controllers we fit right in with your beautiful designs. For over thirty years Ultimate has worked with leading Architects, Interior Designers, Builders & Homeowners. Contact us today for your complimentary project assessment.

Lighting Management

Daylight Harvesting, Occupancy Sensors, Site Lighting Reduction and Task Lighting are all part of an environmentally conscious smart home design. Newly released Crestron Systems (residential & commercial) work with photo-sensors that measure natural light and only add artificial light according to preprogrammed light levels. Add in motion sensors & auto-shade controllers and achieve maximum efficiency in any room. For more on design options, full installation services & ongoing technical support contact us at Ultimate.

Just released & shipping now

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 12.04.27 PM.png

In our last update we focused on the importance of selecting a professional integrator. In this issue, we spotlight new hardware and software releases. First, designed for both mobile devices and TSW Touch Screens, Crestron's new Home OS3 System includes new dynamic page designs, updated room control functions and creative display icons. The Crestron Home System is both intuitive and cost effective for any SmartHome System Deployment. In tandem to the new OS3, Crestron is now shipping the CP4-R - it's latest central controller unit that provides double the RAM and 4x the speed of the CP3. If your interested in new Crestron Home System Solutions just contact us anytime at Ultimate. We provide planning, design services, full installation and ongoing support.

Before You Begin Installation

Install scalable Smart Building Environments and leave room for growth. Here are some basic considerations:

  • How many rooms will be covered and what's the best method to connect the rooms?

  • What specific system functionality do you want for each room?

  • Where will the source components be located and what type of device(s) do you want to control all of the systems functions?

Lastly, don't forget the motorized shades! It's one of the most impressive and costeffective feature that you can provide for a client. Our complimentary project assessment is just a click away.

Select a partner that provides expertise & experience

For 33 years Jack Borenstein has led Ultimate Sound & Installations, Inc. Well known to Architects, Designers and Property Owners, Jack has built a solid reputation as a leader in designing and installing customized sound, video, building infrastructure systems, access control, motorized shade systems and much more. Selecting the right smart-tech partner for your project eliminates potential mishaps.

Contact Jack directly at:

“Many thanks once again for all of your efforts with the Park Slope project. Our clients are delighted with apartment in general- and especially with all of the magic you provided – touch screen, electric shades. lighting controls, television, etc.” Joan Craig, AIA Litchen Craig Architects

Pick Powerful Baseline Systems

Did you know that sophisticated baseline packages for smart-home and office technology can operate all lighting, audiovideo, security, shades, thermostats, tele-vid-conferencing and much more. Portable or wall mounted, one-touch or voice activated pads provide full intelligence to any system function within the building. We provide a wide range of smart building solutions to fit any budget. We have the experience and expertise to provide your clients with excellent performance and ongoing tech-support. Contact us at Ultimate for a complimentary project assessment. We service Architects, Designers, Builders, Property Managers and Owners throughout the tri-state.